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Jamey Hastings & Brent Boggs — Minted

Jamey Hastings


Brent Boggs

Jamey Hastings and Brent Boggs
Jamey Hastings and Brent Boggs

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Our Story

In the vibrant atmosphere of Crssd Festival in San Diego, amidst the pulsating techno beats, Jamey and Brent danced together across the two-day festival. What started as a chance encounter soon blossomed into something more.
After months of casual dating, they could not ignore their feelings for each other. Soon enough, they were embarking on snowboard trips together to Mammoth, dancing year after year at Coachella, and spending days hanging out at the beach. Their love for adventure knew no bounds as they traversed continents, creating unforgettable memories on a captivating Europe trip and reveling in the sun-kissed shores of Mexico.
It was amidst the enchanting beauty of one of their favorite places in Mexico that Brent decided to make a lifelong commitment. In a display of romance and devotion, he created a trail of delicate roses leading down to the sandy beach, where the setting sun painted the sky with hues of warmth and passion. There, in that ethereal moment, he dropped to one knee and asked Jamey for a lifetime supply of cuddles and smoochies.
Today, they share a home merely three houses from the captivating embrace of the beach where they walk down and watch the sunset each night over the Pacific Ocean. It is in these quiet moments, where the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, that Jamey and Brent are reminded of the profound love that brought them together and the extraordinary journey they continue to embrace.